Thursday, August 9, 2012

Operation: UNITE 2012

Operation: UNITE ( is a series of dance workshops, aimed at bringing awareness to the need of cancer patient care, while simultaneously igniting one’s confidence in their power to make a difference. The series of workshops will take place in New York, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the San Francisco Bay Area, mainly during the month of August. Our roster of world-renown teachers and choreographers have worked with some of the most notable artists in the most diverse styles of dance. They nurture each individual student to develop a deeper respect for this art form. The knowledge and foundation that each teacher brings to their master classes produces a magical energy. Studio and agency participation give this wave of aspiring talent the confidence that we can work together as an entity. Together, we can keep the momentum of humanitarian efforts through social networking moving forward. Combining all of us on one flier, we hope to invoke a sense of togetherness, despite industry or societal politics. With the participation of our national dance community, we hope to acquire sponsorships from coast to coast in support of cancer treatment and research facilities. Any and all monetary donations will assist in reaching our target goal of $5,000 in each city. We encourage and appreciate National Donations to exceed that goal beyond all measures! Each participating facility has been pre-screened and researched to ensure quality care. FOR FUNDRAISER EVENTS TICKETS & TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS, visit: FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND CLASS SCHEDULES, VISIT:

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