Friday, March 12, 2010

Love vs. Career Part I

OK this subject I could talk about for days...Especially with its relevance to my situation. In life, everyone strives for success. But what is success? First of all, it is subjective to each individual. It could be obtaining lots of money and material things, being at the top of a company, or fulfilling your highest dreams. To me, it comes so much deeper than within career, money, anything else. Success is being rich with love, with family.
Yet, there has to be, and always is, balance to this love and with that, inately comes a career. In order to nurture and care for your loved ones, you must find a lucrative means to maintain the lifestyle you have set standard for yourself. Having built a home, providing for them, and living out your dreams is success. Now here is the hard part...
There have been so many times I have had to sacrifice being from my loved ones in order to fulfill my dreams. Missing my God-daughter's birthday to perform in Las Vegas with Barry Manilow, canceling a vacation to perform in the NBA Playoffs, missing my Mom's birthday to perform for the Royal family...What amazing beauty I have seen through my passion and craft, yet what have I also missed seeing...
Romantic relationships are an entirely different animal, especially in my current situation. Being that we are both dancers, we already understand so much about each other. Dancers are different people. We have a creative mind, passion, and commitment to something so much greater than ourselves that can touch so many lives. Because of this connection, we have the ability to work together on projects and motivate each other to take ourselves to the next level. He has brought light to things that I can do that I didn't even realize. This is a beautiful thing. Melding what we both do together has created something greater than ourselves as individuals.
But you always have to take care of you. Nuture your career, nurture your love, and make sure your life is right. Pay your bills on time, live a healthy lifestyle, give back to those in need, be honest to yourself and others, understand how to really listen, and know when you are wrong and when to apologize. Don't let your pride or ego get the best of you and always stay humble. In love and career, these will get you farther.
Life isn't black and white. The grey area in between in compromise. And if you cannot compromise, how will you ever succeed?

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  1. Yes keep working hard and continue to believe in yourself....Your going far in life :)